Exciting Summer Activities in Oshawa

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July 10, 2022
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With the world opening back up, summer is the perfect time to be out and about. Luckily, there are plenty of activities residents of retirement homes in Oshawa can take part in.

A lot of recreational facilities have been open since March of this year. As such, many more activities are available for everyone to enjoy. Residents of senior homes in Oshawa have a lot to look forward to.

Summer Activities around Retirement Communities in Oshawa

Planning your summer activities in retirement homes near you? Here are some exciting activities you and your loved ones should try around Oshawa this summer.

1. Try strawberry picking

Summer is strawberry season! Have you ever tried strawberry picking? Visit one of the local farms and have a homegrown experience. A lot of these farms have Pick-Your-Own events happening this summer. Learn more about the different products and bring some home for yourself.

15-minutes away from our senior home in Oshawa is Pingle’s, Farm Market. Enjoy their strawberry and sunflower picking events this season.

2. Visit the botanical gardens

If you’re looking to see some lush, green spaces and beautiful gardens, this is the season to do it. The Oshawa Valley Botanical Garden is a must-visit this summer. It has a network of parks and prized gardens, like the Peony Garden, Memory Garden, and more.

Read our blog if you’re interested to learn about more parks to visit in Oshawa: https://livinglivita.com/plan-your-park-visit-in-oshawa/

3. Play golf

Golf is one of the most popular sports for older adults. If you play golf or are planning to try it out, there are plenty of golf courses around the town. Three of the best ones are just 10 minutes away from our retirement home in Oshawa. These are:

4. Watch free concerts

If you love music, you’ll have a lot to be excited about this summer. Summer in The City is a concert series returning to Oshawa this season. Enjoy different types of music, from folk to country, classic rock, and more.

Find a concert date in a local park near you: https://www.oshawa.ca/things-to-do/summer-in-the-city.asp

5. Visit a lavender farm

Fancy a short road trip this summer? A visit to one of the nearby lavender farms is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Ignite your senses as you walk amongst the bright purple fields and smell the lovely lavender scent.

Residents of retirement communities in Oshawa are sure to have a relaxing and fun day, learning about the different lavender blooms.

Get to Know One of the Best Retirement Homes Near You

Here at Livita Centennial, we have exciting events and activities planned for our residents this summer. We also love taking our independent seniors on various outdoor excursions. Our team continues to find different ways for our residents to always remain active and engaged. This is why we are always on the top list of retirement homes in Oshawa!

Get to know more about our community, programs, and services today. Contact us to learn more or book a tour of our residence.

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