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February 11, 2020
Senior Home Care In Oakville

Caring for your loved ones can take a lot of stamina, both physically and mentally. Even when you’ve found the right senior home care in Oakville or the right assisted living community, the need to be there for the older adults in your life can sometimes feel overwhelming. One of the most important things to understand is that everyone needs a break at some point.

The simplest reminder about ensuring you take care of yourself when you’re a caregiver for someone else is to make sure you take time and prioritize care for your well-being.

How to Support Your Needs While Caring for A Loved One

It can feel challenging to make self-care a priority, but the benefits will create a rippled effect and impact everyone around you. This is often exactly what’s needed so that you can return to caring for someone with renewed energy and compassion. Taking some time away can also help bring perspective and realize that maybe it’s the right time to investigate other options such as assisted living senior homes in Oakville.

Not sure how to ensure you get the break you need? We’re sharing a few tips for caregivers that can help you build in time away.

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Put yourself on the calendar

 If you write down the dates and times you want to take a break, you’re much more likely to do it. Treat it like an appointment that cannot be canceled, just like the appointments you keep as caregivers. In order to support your break, look into assisted living senior homes in Oakville that offer temporary respite care or senior home care in Oakville that can come and spend a few hours or days with your loved one.

Be open to accepting and asking for help

To make it easy, make a list of ways that people can help so you will be ready to accept offers when they come.

Maintain your own interests

 If you let your own hobbies and interests fall by the wayside, you’ll be less likely to pick them back up again when you’re feeling stressed and worn out. When you still have activities that bring you joy, you’ll be more inclined to build in the time to take a break and fill your own emotional bucket.

Find the Right Caregiver Support in Oakville

Even though most caregivers know they need to take a break every now and then, it does not mean it’s easy to accomplish. Sometimes ensuring your loved one gets the care they need comes down to finding a reliable partner you can trust. Queens Avenue Retirement Residence is an excellent solution for those older adults wanting to keep their independence and get the support they may require while not needing to completely rely on family and friends to care for them. Our warm and inviting community is often exactly what everyone in the family has been looking for. To find out more about suites and programs or to arrange a tour, please call us at (905) 815–0862.

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