Find The Right Assisted Living In Oakville By Asking These 8 Questions

Assisted living in Oakville can be the ideal option for senior living. For those looking to maintain plenty of independence, while also benefitting from extra health and social support, assisted living homes are a great fit. In many cases, these types of retirement homes are an investment that families, including seniors themselves, are happy to make. However, […]

Outdoor portrait of happy senior man who is reading book. Why Your Retirement Living Community Should Have Ample Outdoor Space

We all need to get outside, get a bit of sunshine, and enjoy nature. What some communities may not realize is that it takes more than a small patio to give their residents a chance to get out and enjoy the natural world around them. It’s important for communities to have access to other areas […]

Tips To Find A Quality Care Retirement Residence

As we get older, many of us might get to the point where we can’t safely handle all our daily tasks. When that time comes, the best move is to start considering senior home care in Oakville as a new place to call home. If you spend some time finding the best fit, this transition will […]

How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Senior Living in Oakville

There is something that you can practice from the comfort of your Oakville senior residence community to help your mood day today. It’s called Mindfulness. What is Mindfulness? Simply put, it’s the practice of paying attention to how your mind and body feel without any self-judgment. Just like when you have a good friend that […]

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