Best Leisure & Recreation Services in Oakville, ON

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December 10, 2022
Best Leisure & Recreation Services in Oakville

So many people have the misconception that growing old means slowing down. However, it is not necessarily true of all older adults. Sure, there can be some challenges to your health and mobility, but that doesn’t mean you cannot lead a vibrant, active life.

A Life of Vitality at Senior Homes in Oakville

Living a life of vitality is being in a state of feeling strong, active, and alive. It is having a zest for any situation and finding ways to improve your quality of life.

At Livita Queens Avenue, we believe in giving our active seniors every opportunity to live a life of vitality. We do this by offering high-quality amenities, programs, and services. Part of this is creating programs and activities that keep our residents in Oakville, ON active and engaged.

Leisure & Recreation Services For Oakville

Are you looking for the best retirement home & living communities for seniors? Often, when making a choice, the first things we consider are the accommodations and amenities. Activities and programs usually become secondary. However, these play a significant role in your quality of life.

Engaging in leisure and recreation activities provides active seniors with a lot of benefits. These include:

  1. Improve health and fitness
  2. Boost mental and emotional wellbeing
  3. Provide opportunities for socializing
  4. Keep the mind sharp
  5. Learn new skills

Growing old should not prevent anyone from pursuing activities that they find joyful. It is all about choosing which one suits your capabilities and needs.

At Livita Queens Avenue, we offer leisure and recreation services for our active seniors. Our activities are carefully thought out and curated. This ensures that older adults will find interest and value in our various programs.

Here are examples of activities in our senior home in Oakville:

  1. Fitness classes
  2. Social and activity clubs (knitting club, bridge group, walking group, and more)
  3. Day trips
  4. Special events, like movie nights & happy hours
  5. Theme nights
  6. Seasonal holiday parties

Our leisure and recreation services are built not just to keep older adults active and engaged. It is also meant to foster a sense of community among our residents. We put value in creating opportunities for active seniors to socialize and build meaningful relationships.

Each month, our Activities Coordinator creates a calendar of fun and enriching activities for our residents. Discover what we have in store this month by clicking on this link.

One of the Best Retirement Homes & Living Communities for Seniors

Livita Queens Avenue believes that a vibrant life is the best life. This is manifested not just in our amenities and services, but also in our leisure and recreation programs that keep our residents feeling strong, active, and lively.

Pursue your passions and interests in the company of like-minded people. Live a life of vitality at Livita Queens Avenue today. Contact us to learn more, or book a tour of our residence now.

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