8 Holiday Shopping Tips for Seniors

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November 8, 2023
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The holiday season is a time for joy and experiencing wonderful moments with loved ones. For seniors who are living in residential communities or retirement homes, holiday shopping can occasionally be a bit challenging due to some of the physical limitations or mobility issues. However, thanks to the helpful tips we've outlined below, seniors can certainly find ways to enjoy the season just as much as anyone else.

How Seniors Can Manage Their Holiday Season Shopping

Holiday shopping for seniors living in residential communities or retirement homes can be a fulfilling and heartwarming experience with proper planning and consideration.

Make a Shopping List

The first step to successful shopping experience is to create a detailed shopping list — and that's not even just for seniors, everyone should take advantage of that! Carefully thinking about what gifts they want to buy their family and friends will help them stay organized and focused while shopping. This will reduce the chance of forgetting something important.

Plan Shopping Trips

In the same way someone would plan out a list, planning the actual trip to the shopping center is incredibly important. Seniors can visit stores during off-peak hours to avoid crowds and long lines. Choosing stores that offer assistance or comfortable waiting areas or are just easier to navigate are all important factors to consider.

Consider Online Shopping

Online shopping has become a fantastic option for seniors, especially those with limited mobility. It allows them to browse various products, compare prices, and read reviews from the comfort of their own home. Occasionally, online retailers also offer gift-wrapping services, which can also save time.

Ask Family for Help

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help—sometimes, seniors planning their gifts may have no choice in the matter. This can be for several reasons; it can be for not feeling well, not having a way to get around, or more! Ask for help from a family or friend so that all the gifts needed will be fulfilled.

Shop Locally

This is a great way for seniors to find unique and meaningful gifts. Seniors can explore nearby boutiques and craft stores, where they may discover one-of-a-kind items that aren't available in larger chain stores. Plus, shopping locally helps boost the community's economy.

Embrace Homemade Gifts

Sometimes, it may not be in the budget to get a fancy gift, and that’s understandable. Thankfully, there is a great way around that. Homemade gifts can be extraordinary and meaningful. Tapping into their creative side and crafting unique presents can also help them with their cognitive abilities. These gifts carry a personal touch that people are sure to remember.

Stay Safe and Comfortable

Dressing appropriately for the weather, wearing comfortable shoes, and ensuring that their wheelchairs or walking canes are coming with them are essential, if needed for long periods of time. Additionally, seniors should stay hydrated and take breaks when needed.

Get into the Holiday Spirit

Forgetting to enjoy the holiday spirit can make shopping a big bore. By listening to holiday music, savouring a festive treat, and taking their time to admire the beautifully decorated stores, seniors can feel the difference in their shopping trip.

Getting Festive at Living Livita

Remember, the holidays are a time for love and togetherness, and seniors in residential communities deserve to embrace the festive spirit just like everyone else.

Our seniors at our retirement residences have access to many different amenities and services—contact us today to learn more about how we assist them!

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