7 Great Foods for Heart Health

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February 8, 2021
Oakville retirement homes

Professionals will say that the #1 strategy for healthy aging is a combination of exercise and heart-health-centered nutrition. This is why it is important that Oakville assisted living residents and all other aging adults receive a healthy and balanced diet.

Looking out for Heart Health in Oakville Retirement Homes

It is essential to eat a variety of food with the right things to keep you healthy and feeling great.

Here are 7 great foods that contribute to heart health:

  1. Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals that lower the risk of heart disease. Whether fresh, frozen, or canned, fruits and vegetables are the easiest and healthiest way to add color to every meal!

  • Whole Grains

According to a study by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, including whole grains in your diet is good for you in a number of ways.  Whole grains are a great source of fiber and other nutrients which help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • Low-Fat Dairy Products

Dairy has important health benefits like maintaining strong bones. However, not all dairy products are equal. Some contain unhealthy fats.

Oakville retirement homes are keen on promoting good bone health the right way. This means opting for low-fat dairy options such as reduced-fat milk and yogurt.

  • High-Quality Protein

Protein builds muscle and is vital for our brains and hearts. While there may be other protein sources, the right kinds of meat are still ideal for your protein needs.

Menu options in retirement residences can include meals with lean meats. For example, lean ground meat and skinless chicken breasts are both delicious options.

  • Fish & Seafood

If you want to avoid high-fat meats, fish is a great alternative. Certain types of fish, such as salmon, are also rich in heart-loving omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. These can lower blood fats and reduce the risk of heart failure and other heart diseases.

  • Nuts & Legumes

Nuts and legumes are high in fiber and minerals without the saturated fat found in meat products. Putting beans in your regular diet can help improve cholesterol levels.

These are versatile and can be added to many food options such as salads, soups, and pasta.

  • Healthy Oils & Fats

Retirement residences in Oakville, ON, have made it a point to use healthy oils and fats when cooking.

Saturated and trans fat are considered bad fats. They’re present in a lot of products like butter, coconut, and palm oil. Canola, olive, and vegetable oil are better alternatives.

Eat Healthy at Oakville Assisted Living

As part of our Live Balance, Live Better Philosophy, Queens Avenue Retirement Residence makes sure we serve nourishing meals for our residents in Oakville, ON. Contact us today to learn more about our dining services. Better yet, take a virtual tour of our facility or schedule a tour to see more of what we have to offer!

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