5 Exciting Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

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October 25, 2023

Staying healthy does not need to feel like a chore! Given the significance of the brain on an individual’s life, we believe that prioritizing your brain health is important. Our senior home in Vaughan is known for finding fun ways to engage our residents and make staying healthy fun. If you have any specific questions on how we do that, you can give us a call. Otherwise, we have listed out some ways that you can take note of.

Here are 5 exciting ways that we encourage our residents to keep their brain healthy, which makes Livita the best assisted living in Vaughan:

Emotional Care

People who are sleep-deprived, anxious, depressed, or isolated tend to have poorer cognitive functions than those who are not. At our retirement homes in Vaughan, we encourage all our residents to prioritize their mental health. From being outdoors in nature to meditation to socializing with others, there are many fun ways to take care of your emotions that we offer at senior homes in Vaughan.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Everyone loves sleep, and now there are many studies that indicate that sleep plays an important role in keeping your brain healthy. The rest your brain gets during the evening results in a better memory and overall cognitive ability. Your goal should be seven or eight consecutive hours each night.

Exercise Regularly

Physical activity is known to be beneficial for the body, but it also benefits the brain in a variety of ways. It encourages the development of new nerve cells, and it causes synapses, which is the connections between brain cells.

Our retirement homes in Vaughan have regularly scheduled fitness activities, from yoga to daily walks, which encourages residents to stay active.

Stimulate Your Brain

Just like your body, if you do not use your brain, you lose the ability to use it much quicker. Did you know that activities that stimulate your brain cause neurological “plasticity” (Harvard Health)? This generation of new nerve cells and even new brain cells prevents future cell loss.

If you are looking for stimulating activities, you should try reading, taking a new course, learning a new language, word puzzles, math problems, or crafts that require dexterity and focus.

Improve Your Diet

Food can be the best part of an individual’s day, especially as Livita ensures that our independent living for seniors in Vaughan offers delicious food. Not only can good nutrition assist your mind and body, but it can also prevent cognitive impairment and symptoms of dementia. Certain types of foods can be extremely beneficial for your brain, such as fish, nuts, unsaturated oils, plant sources of protein, fruits, and vegetables. By focusing on a healthy diet, residents can also simultaneously reduce the risk of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol, which also negatively impact your brain function.

For more information about how to keep your brain healthy or the services we offer at our retirement homes in Vaughan, please contact one of our representatives or visit our website.

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