3 Tips For Seniors To Balance Food And Exercise For Healthy Living

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November 11, 2019
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As one of the top senior independent living facilities in Oakville, we at Queens Avenue Retirement Residence make sure to stress the importance of a balanced lifestyle, which includes a nutritious diet and the proper amount of exercise for our senior residents through access to our dining services and leisure and recreation programs. Here are a few tips for seniors to balance food and exercise for healthy living:

Get Into A Routine & Schedule

You should be sure to schedule your meals and ensure you are eating the proper amount of food. On average, you should be eating 3 nutritionally balanced meals a day. Through our dining services offered in our senior independent residence, we provide our residents with a variety of nutritionally balanced, premium-quality meals that are made from fresh, local ingredients - including herbs from our very own garden. As seniors age and change, so do their nutritional needs. Making sure those needs are met makes a real difference in a senior’s quality of life. For those who want to begin an exercise program and add that to their daily routine, a good place to start is with a walking routine or any gentle aerobic exercise, which will increase the heart rate without inducing too much strain.

Be Aware Of Your Slower Metabolism

As we age, our metabolism can begin to slow down along with hormonal changes which can lead to weight gain. Medical conditions can cause attempts at weight loss to be slow and taking medications such as antidepressants or corticosteroids may present an additional challenge. You might not be exercising as frequently or as intensely as you need to for weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you can take steps towards your goal by adding simple changes to your exercise routine. Additionally, a slower metabolism will be sure to affect your diet and you must ensure that you are getting the proper nutrition into your body.

Prioritize A Healthy Sleep Schedule

Sleep is often overlooked, but an integral part of a fitness plan as well as day to day life activities, since a lot of recovery and repair happens while you rest each night. A lack of sleep will leave you tired and unfocused. Insufficient sleep can also trigger several hormones that influence cravings and contribute towards a tendency for weight gain. It’s important that you make a point to stick to a sleep schedule that works for your lifestyle.

Queens Avenue Retirement Residence: Senior Independent Residence In Oakville

More than just a senior independent residence, Queens Avenue Retirement Residence is dedicated to offering seniors a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our balanced-focus approach to senior independent living and book a personal tour of our facility with one of our concierges.

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