3 Signs That Indicate Your Parents Need Home Care

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October 21, 2019
Queens Avenue Retirement Residence

Does the thought of talking with your parents about moving into a senior residence in Oakville make you feel nervous? Well you’re not alone. In fact, most families and caregivers of seniors are worried about having this talk with their aging loved ones.

If you’ve been debating about moving your parents into a senior retirement residence in Oakville, here are just a few signs to keep in mind that indicate now is the right time to make the move:

Difficulty Standing On Their Own

  • If you noticed an aging loved one in your family has problems with doing simple tasks that your body does on a daily basis, such as getting out of bed or standing up out of a chair, it’s time to consider some extra help.
  • While this may seem like a small symptom that can be attributed to arthritis or stiff joints, it’s important to remember that, without help, your parent could easily be stuck for hours or days if they can’t get up on their own.
  • Living in Oakville senior suites would help in this area with round the clock care through regular check-ins and ensuring that your aging loved ones will have the help they require to do simple everyday tasks once again.

New Bruises Or Cuts On Their Body

  • When seniors start to have trouble walking, dressing, or cleaning on their own, it tends to show up as unexplained bruises or wounds on the person’s body.
  • At an older age, falls, slips or accidents in the home can become life-threatening and a huge cause for concern.
  • Although your parent may play them off as nothing, it’s your job to know that any parent who is being injured in their own home needs extra care and assistance which can safely be provided through a senior residence in Oakville.

Poor Home Maintenance And Personal Hygiene

  • Have you noticed the pile of mail building up? Does it look like the trash hasn’t been taken out in days? Is the refrigerator filled with spoiled/rotten food? These are all signs that home maintenance is dwindling and that your aging loved ones are struggling to keep up with living in their home.
  • Additionally, if you notice a lack of personal hygiene such as a strong body odour scent from them, this can indicate that your parents need extra help to take care of themselves.
  • Both poor home maintenance and personal hygiene can lead to devastating consequences such as risk of infections and poor nutrition habits.

Queens Avenue Retirement Residence: Oakville Senior Suites For Your Aging Loved Ones To Call Home

Are you looking for a senior retirement residence in Oakville for your parents to call home? Queens Avenue Retirement Residence offers seniors the opportunity to live an independent and balanced lifestyle through taking advantage of the numerous services we offer to create the best retirement lifestyle of our residents. Contact us today to learn more.

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